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We are taking the vertical “living wall” concept to a whole new level! Zero-care and preserved to permanently capture the look of thriving, verdant, living plants, Artisan Moss pieces enrich and enliven any indoor space. It’s a simple alternative to a living garden that effortlessly maintains a stunning appearance. Check our image gallery to see the possibilities, or watch below to get a feel for what we do… thanks to Green Sky for creating this little video about our work, with the Plant Painting we made for them as the centerpiece!

Materials Used

• All plants are 100% preserved REAL plants – never synthetic. Our plants look and feel alive with soft textures, flexibility and vibrant colors, maintaining their natural detail and shape. They require no water, sunlight or chemicals and don’t attract insects. Since they are preserved, they also do not produce pollen or spores.

• Artisan Moss plants are preserved with a UV-resistant solution.

• Moss and plant materials used are all sustainably sourced in the United States; every aspect of production is conducted in the United States by us.

• Our wooden frames are handmade entirely out of locally reclaimed lumber. Other frame options are available. Ask us for details!

• Artisan Moss pieces are intended for indoor display. Direct sunlight, high humidity or contact with water will compromise their look and lifespan.

• Each work is a piece of art and thus unique. No two are exactly alike but will be similar to the image gallery and style of your choice.

Artisan Moss about our work

Standard Sizes

• Framed plant paintings are available in any size 12” x 12” or larger.

SMALL: 12” x 12” / 12″ x 24″ / 18” x 18” / 12″ x 36″

MEDIUM: 24” x 24”

LARGE: 40″ x 18″

XLARGE: 32″ x 60″ / 70″ x 36″

• Custom sizes also available.

• Multiple framed pieces can be connected to cover a larger area.

• Our pieces are lightweight! A 72” x 36” panel weighs approximately 30 lbs.

• Hanging hardware attached. Commercial flushmount hanging systems available.

Custom Pieces

• If there is something you’d like created, we can work with you! We offer excellent designer collaboration and customer service.

• Custom designs are also available across multiple panels. Price is determined by project scope.

• Lead time will vary depending on scope of order and our current production load.

• For convenience or time-sensitive projects, we offer a flushmount commercial hanging package.

• We can produce framed or frameless (zero edge) panels built to any configuration as specified by the client. We can also customize letters, numbers and shapes, simple or detailed!

• If you are a designer looking for trade pricing please contact us HERE.


• Domestic and international shipping available.


We set ourselves to the highest standards of care, quality and craftsmanship and seek to offer exceptional service. If you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here or on our FAQ Page, without hesitation contact us and we will respond in a timely manner.

I love my Artisan Moss wall art and definitely recommend beautifying your home or office with a touch of nature! They are great conversation pieces that really get noticed. I look forward to adding to my collection.

Greg C.

Business Analyst , Dole

I recently received my piece of wall art. Everyone who visits my office instantly comments on the beauty of my piece. I highly recommend getting a bit of manzanita in the work because the beautiful reds perfectly highlights the myriad greens. Thank you.

Adrian R.


I love everything about my Plant and Rustic Wood Flat, except that I’ve discovered one significant downside, which is that it made my artificial plants look, well — artificial. My loss, Goodwill’s gain.

P. Tiefentoller


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